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Hapa Thanksgiving & Dreamy Shahrukh

Laugh if you want, but I'm a late convert to the arena of Bollywood films. (I can hear all my South Asian friends—especially one of my best friends—clapping their hands like, "Welcome to our world!") I mean, Filipino (from the Motherland) cinema is melodramatic and cornball too, but never as over-the-top as South Asian films. (Those variety shows and novelas on TFC [The Filipino Channel] that my aunties watch religiously are another story. If you know how to "Ocho-ocho" like one of the Sex Bomb Dancers, then you know what I'm talking about.) My previous exposure to Bollywood film came via my work at NAATA's film festival. Two years ago the festival screened Bend it Like Beckham, the classic Mother India, and Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (starring SRK). I remember sitting in the publicity office, formatting media lists and dubbing press screener copies of KKHH while the volume was muted. Even as I was focused on my computer monitor, I found my peripheral vision wandering towards the images I was dubbing. I checked out a screener copy of KKHH to watch at home. My interest was piqued enough to watch a Sri-Lankan film at the San Francisco International Film Festival a few months later. But it's taken two years for me to finally jump onto the Bollywood Bandwagon that all of my cine-phile friends have been riding long before me. After seeing Main Hoon Na, I had these fantasies of exiting the Castro Theater, bursting into song and dance: My hair windblown just so, as my shoulders bounce to bhangra beats. You know, singing a duet with a tall, gorgeous Shahrukh Khan look-alike, his arms outstretched towards me… Oh wait, I'm getting carried away. I'm such a sucker for musical melodrama, sheesh. T promised he would take me to Naz8 again so that we can see Shahrukh Khan in Swades. The trailers before Veer-Zara said it was coming out December 17th. Until then, I have Netflix—the next couple DVDs in my queue are all starring SRK! Holla at me now!

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Vette wrote 10 years 1 hour ago

re: Hapa Thanksgiving & Dreamy Shahrukh

i told my dad that there's no point in my relatives having all the other channels at their house...just have TFC, CNN, and ESPN/FoxSports they don't need the rest...haha.

Audrey wrote 9 years 52 weeks ago

re: Hapa Thanksgiving & Dreamy Shahrukh

Seriously. All my relatives who have TFC, only switch between that and some news channel (CNN, MSNBC, etc.). My parents used to watch TFC, basketball, CNN, or the Food Network. Going to church consisted of watching the Sunday Mass in Tagalog on TFC.

soukayna wrote 9 years 7 weeks ago

re: Hapa Thanksgiving & Dreamy Shahrukh

salu sa va mo soukayna love sharukhkhkan

Sania wrote 8 years 36 weeks ago

re: Hapa Thanksgiving & Dreamy Shahrukh

Hi Shahrukh Khan.Mera naam Sania Yaseen.I living in Norway.I go to Ila school.You are my Favorite filmstar.Gooooowww for Shahrukhe king of Bollywood.

samiya wrote 8 years 7 weeks ago

re: Hapa Thanksgiving & Dreamy Shahrukh


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