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For the API community in Arizona, SB 1070 was a wake-up call. The “illegal immigration” raised enduring, fundamental questions about who was “in” or would be cast “out” of our society.

Annie Lai | Mon, Jan 23rd- 9:38am | ACLU, arizona, sb 1070, sheriff joe arpaio, Activism, Immigration, Politics, Race, Social Justice

When Occupy Cal students marched through the city of Berkeley, many API students could be seen holding signs that read, “Asian American and Proud,” and calling for funds for Ethnic Studies and the language departments.

Steven Cong | Fri, Dec 16th- 1:34pm | occupy wall street, Activism, News & Politics, Social Justice

A new study shows that Asian American teens experience more bullying than any others. Writer Helen I. Hwang discusses the study. Read her story, "In the Face of Bullying,"...

Momo Chang | Mon, Nov 14th- 11:37am | bullying, Helen I. Hwang, Loan Tran, Trang Dang, WHIAAPI, Activism, News & Politics, Race, Social Issues, Social Justice

Watch This

Whether to fundraise, bring awareness to the rescue of North Korean refugees or help build the first secondary school in Lenana, Kenya, Eddie Lee knows how to make viral videos that captivate the public.

Angela Pang | Wed, May 9th- 1:12pm | President Obama, Q+A, social media, video, youtube, Activism, Issue 24: Survival - Winter 2011, Q+A, Media

Occupy Wall Street isn't as white or privileged or [insert flimsy excuse] as you think it is. All kinds of people are playing a role -- both in the spectacle and behind the scenes.

Tammy Kim | Wed, Jan 25th- 3:25pm | occupy wall street, Race, Activism, Social Justice

Talking Back

Alison Roh Park was 14 the first time she saw a man masturbating across from her on the subway. Another time, a group of drunk white men obstructed her path outside a bar and asked for a massage. “Men will explicitly refer to me as ‘China Doll...

Nicole Wong | Fri, May 4th- 3:30pm | Chai Shenoy, hollaback, Lazy Susan, public street harassment, Activism, Gender, Issue 24: Survival - Winter 2011, Race, Sex, Social Issues

Medical Malpractice?

Writer Catherine A. Traywick

Jane Sandoval can’t speak a lick of Tagalog — her parents made sure of that. “There’s no excuse for you to not speak well. You were born here,” her father used to tell his children, often punctuating this...

Catherine A Traywick | Tue, Apr 23rd- 12:24pm | Activism, Feature, Issue 24: Survival - Winter 2011, Health & Environment, Race, Social Justice

In the Face of Bullying

Writer: Helen I. Hwang

On a cold December day in 2009, just weeks before Christmas, 15-year-old Trang Dang was walking home from school with her sister and eight friends, all recent Vietnamese immigrants. Also part of their group: the...

Helen I. Hwang | Mon, May 14th- 11:59pm | Activism, Feature, Issue 24: Survival - Winter 2011, Immigration, News & Politics, Race, Social Issues

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