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I cried on the first day of school. I'm not talking about pre-school, or even elementary school. I cried on the first day of my junior year in high school. Let me explain.

Terry K Park | Tue, Nov 27th- 2:18am | Blogger Column, Epik High, Kpop, Tablo, TaJinYo, Culture, Diaspora, Essay, Media, Music, News & Politics, Politics, Race, Social Issues

Modern feminism's worst mistake wasn't making women believe they could have it all; it was ignoring those of us who already knew we couldn't.

Theresa Celebra... | Wed, Oct 17th- 9:17am | Blogger Column, feminism, mommy wars, motherhood, Gender, Parenthood

If your college years are long behind you and you've been aching for some Women's Studies practice, try watching Korean dramas.

Theresa Celebra... | Mon, Sep 24th- 7:50am | a gentleman's dignity, Blogger Column, feminism, k-drama, Gender, TV

K-PoP matches rival speakers from the Republican and Democratic National Conventions and grades their speeches.

Ky-Phong Tran | Mon, Sep 17th- 10:33am | Ann Romney, Bill Clinton, Blogger Column, Chris Christie, Clint Eastwood, Danica McKellar, Deval Patrick, DNC, George W. Bush, Governor Mitt Romney, Julian Castro, Marco Rubio, michelle obama, President Barack Obama, RNC, Winnie Cooper

Five misconceptions about Jeremy Lin's contract, or why the New York Knicks are the New York Knicks.

Ky-Phong Tran | Thu, Aug 30th- 1:16pm | Blogger Column, Houston Rockets, Jeremy Lin, NBA, New York Knicks, Sports

California Assemblymember Mariko Yamada was able to relate her experience as a Japanese American to the discrimination faced by Sikh Americans, and champion equal employment opportunity through the introduction of AB 1964. 

Meeta Kaur | Wed, Aug 8th- 8:25am | Blogger Column, Politics

While researching the Chinese Exclusion Era as a graduate student, history professor Erika Lee stumbled upon her grandmother's wedding photo in an Alien File. This photo, and her grandmother's story, are among many immigrant...

Victoria Yue | Wed, Aug 1st- 8:17am | Alien Files, Blogger Column, Chinese Exclusion Era, Erika Lee, National Archives, Diaspora, Events, History, Immigration, Social Issues

A quick look at South Asian actors in the limelight this summer.

Priyanka Mantha | Mon, Aug 6th- 8:49am | Archie Punjabi, Blogger Column, Dev Patel, Mindy Kaling, tv column, Culture, TV

Two professional fighters discuss Bruce Lee, mixed martial arts, and what his devastating one-inch punch would do in the cage

Ky-Phong Tran | Tue, Jul 24th- 12:19am | Blogger Column, Bruce Lee, Kendall Grove, mixed martial arts, MMA, nam phan, UFC, Ultimate Fighting Championship

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