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What does it mean to be “man enough” in a modern-day society that is constantly changing its perceived notions of the masculine ideal?

Joyce Chen | Mon, Jun 9th- 10:07am | alex tizon, asian american literature, asian masculinity, big little man, Books, joyce chen, non-fiction, Books Section

As part of our celebration of National Poetry Month, we offer you a second dose of Asian American poetry: "She Will Never" by Wing Tek Lum.

Wing Tek Lum | Thu, May 22nd- 1:48pm | Literature, Poetry, Wing Tek Lum, Books Section, Culture, History, Hyphen Events

New Hyphen contributor Rachel Rostad reviews poet Hieu Minh Nguyen's debut collection, This Way to the Sugar.

Rachel Rostad | Tue, Apr 22nd- 5:55pm | Poetry, Books Section, Culture, Reviews

Books reviewer Joyce Chen interviews author Peter Tieryas Liu about his first novel, Bald New World.

Joyce Chen | Mon, Mar 31st- 11:23pm | asian american literature, bald new world, Books, dystopia, fiction, joyce chen, Peter Tieryas Liu, Books Section

An ordinary college-aged underpaid sushi busboy finds himself landing in extraordinary situations in Fred Chao's latest graphic novel.

Jerry Dear | Mon, Mar 17th- 11:44am | asian american literature, fred chao, graphic novel, graphic novels, johnny hiro, Books Section

Kevin Kwan’s Crazy Rich Asians promises to be outlandish, fabulous, and definitely not “serious literature"--and we wouldn't want it any other way.

Jenny Yap | Mon, Feb 17th- 11:32am | asian american literature, books section, crazy rich asians, jenny jap, kevin kwan, rom-com, Books Section

Books reviewer Joyce Chen reviews a new memoir by Anchee Min, a tale of one immigrant's balancing acts.

Joyce Chen | Mon, Mar 17th- 11:33am | a cooked seed, anchee min, asian american literature, books section, joyce chen, Books Section

Tamiko Beyer’s collection of poems, We Come Elemental, confirms the arrival of an exciting new talent.

Abigail Licad | Thu, Dec 19th- 10:03am | Tamiko Beyer, We Come Elemental, Books Section, Reviews

Scratch the surface of every author, especially those who write for children, and you’ll find a former child booknerd. The kids who escaped their lives in piles of lovingly thumbed-through books. I was that kid. ...

Maurene Goo | Wed, Jul 16th- 11:23pm | Books Section

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