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For the month of May, we bring you the first chapter of Chang-rae Lee's newest novel, On Such a Full Sea.

Chang-rae Lee | Thu, Jan 29th- 1:10pm | Chang-rae Lee, fiction, Literature, Books Section, Culture

Books contributor Jee Yoon Lee interviews Marjorie Liu, author of the fantasy fiction series The Hunter Kiss.

Jee Yoon Lee | Fri, May 2nd- 12:13pm | avengers, comics, fantasy, fiction, hunter kiss, marjorie liu, Marvel, x-men, Books Section

What does it mean to be “man enough” in a modern-day society that is constantly changing its perceived notions of the masculine ideal?

Joyce Chen | Mon, Jun 9th- 10:07am | alex tizon, asian american literature, asian masculinity, big little man, Books, joyce chen, non-fiction, Books Section

As part of our celebration of National Poetry Month, we offer you a second dose of Asian American poetry: "She Will Never" by Wing Tek Lum.

Wing Tek Lum | Thu, May 22nd- 1:48pm | Literature, Poetry, Wing Tek Lum, Books Section, Culture, History, Hyphen Events

New Hyphen contributor Rachel Rostad reviews poet Hieu Minh Nguyen's debut collection, This Way to the Sugar.

Rachel Rostad | Tue, Apr 22nd- 5:55pm | Poetry, Books Section, Culture, Reviews

Books reviewer Joyce Chen interviews author Peter Tieryas Liu about his first novel, Bald New World.

Joyce Chen | Mon, Mar 31st- 11:23pm | asian american literature, bald new world, Books, dystopia, fiction, joyce chen, Peter Tieryas Liu, Books Section

An ordinary college-aged underpaid sushi busboy finds himself landing in extraordinary situations in Fred Chao's latest graphic novel.

Jerry Dear | Mon, Mar 17th- 11:44am | asian american literature, fred chao, graphic novel, graphic novels, johnny hiro, Books Section

Kevin Kwan’s Crazy Rich Asians promises to be outlandish, fabulous, and definitely not “serious literature"--and we wouldn't want it any other way.

Jenny Yap | Mon, Feb 17th- 11:32am | asian american literature, books section, crazy rich asians, jenny jap, kevin kwan, rom-com, Books Section

Books reviewer Joyce Chen reviews a new memoir by Anchee Min, a tale of one immigrant's balancing acts.

Joyce Chen | Mon, Mar 17th- 11:33am | a cooked seed, anchee min, asian american literature, books section, joyce chen, Books Section

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