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As part of our celebration of National Poetry Month, we offer you a second dose of Asian American poetry: "She Will Never" by Wing Tek Lum.

Wing Tek Lum | Thu, May 22nd- 1:48pm | Literature, Poetry, Wing Tek Lum, Books Section, Culture, History, Hyphen Events


Thank you to all those who submitted applications to Mr. Hyphen 2014! After careful review of the record number of applications we received, we're so excited to announce our 12 semi-finalists!

Hyphen Events | Sat, Apr 5th- 9:23pm | Hyphen Events, Mr. Hyphen

San Francisco's annual Lit Crawl is the city's preeminent literary event, and for the second year in a row ...

Nicole Wong | Wed, Oct 9th- 7:22am | Books, Lit Crawl, Mission District, Poetry, san francisco, The Hyphen Reader, Books Section, Community, Events, Hyphen Events, Sex

Community organizer Sean Miura lets us in on why he decided to compete, what it takes to win, and his plans for the future as 2013's Mr. Hyphen.

Sean Miura | Sun, Oct 6th- 2:40am | Hyphen Events, Mr. Hyphen

We are proud to introduce our inaugural Hyphen hero, Vina Ha, co-founder of the DM Public Interest Fellowship.

Abigail Licad | Thu, Sep 12th- 4:53pm | Blogger Column, DM Public Interest Fellowship, Vina Ha, Hyphen Events, Profiles

Lead singer Stanley Lam describes Largesse’s sound as “folky-rock with harmonies” inspired by anything from nineties indie rock to blue grass.

Michele Carlson | Thu, Sep 12th- 4:36pm | Atsushi Murase, Largesse, Seiko Takada, Seng Chen, Stanley Lam, Hyphen Events, Music, Profiles

Not sure what to wear to our PJ Soiree Party on September 13th? Want to win the sleepwear contest? Get some fashion advice straight from the guest judges for the evening, Jenny Ton and Julia Rhee of Retrofit Republic.

Terry K Park | Thu, Sep 12th- 5:22pm | PJ Soiree Party, Q+A, Retrofit Republic, Community, Culture, Events, Fashion, Gender, Hyphen Events

"The name Rice Rockettes references both the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes, and the term ‘rice rocket,’ because just like the car, we’re an Asian model that’s been seriously ‘tricked out.'"

Lauren Shiraishi | Thu, Sep 5th- 2:24pm | Estee Longah, Rice Rockettes, The Rice Girls, Events, Gender, Hyphen Events, Performing Arts

Emcees Terry Park and Ryan Takemiya complete each other.

Abigail Licad | Tue, Sep 3rd- 2:23pm | Go!Ohana, RAMA, Ryan Takemiya, Terry Park, Events, Hyphen Events, Music, Performing Arts, Profiles

Sean Miura takes home the crown and title of Mr. Hyphen 2013.

Melissa Nguyen | Sat, May 4th- 8:38pm | Community, Hyphen Events, Mr. Hyphen

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