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Long Live Raja

The RuPaul's Drag Race winner talks sex, drag and what it’s like to be your own power couple.

Lauren Kawana | Tue, Jan 21st- 1:42pm | Q+A, Culture, Gender, Issue 27: Sex - Summer 2013, Q+A, Media, Profiles, Sex, TV

Hyphen co-founder Chris Fan discusses the consequences of social media journalism after internet users misidentified missing Brown University student Sunil Tripathi as the Boston Marathon bombing suspect.

Chris Fan | Mon, Apr 22nd- 10:47pm | Events, Media, News & Politics, Race

High Tech, Low Life, directed by Stephen Maing, is a documentary trailing two of the first citizen journalists and bloggers in China.

Lisa Wong Macabasco | Sun, Mar 17th- 12:58pm | CAAMFest 2013, citizen journalism, Steven Maing, technology, Activism, Film, Film Festivals, Media, Reviews, Social Issues, Social Justice

21 and Over may seem like just another Hangover, but a closer look at the film's main character, played by Justin Chon, reveals a little more depth to the story than the booze-filled trailer might suggest.

Nam Le | Fri, Mar 1st- 12:18am | 21 and Over, Justin Chon, stereotypes, Culture, Film, Media, Race, Reviews

Exactly one year after the cultural phenomenon known as "Linsanity," Jeremy Lin -- the Asian American basketball player at the center of it -- and Evan Jackson Leong -- the Asian American director who chronicled it -- both return home to the Bay...

Terry K Park | Fri, Feb 22nd- 3:19pm | Blogger Column, CAAMfest, Jeremy Lin, Linsanity, NBA, Rockets, Warriors, Community, Culture, Film, Film Festivals, Media, Race, Reviews, SFIAAFF, Social Justice, Sports

While the much anticipated Oscar nominees have yet to be announced, I’m going to take an opportunity to talk about Hollywood’s less evolved, younger Baldwin brother of an awards show --...

Priyanka Mantha | Thu, Dec 20th- 11:15pm | Awards, film, TV, Film, Media, TV

Hollywood creates a very unlikely plot line that turns fears over economic competition into fears about national security.

Lin Yang | Mon, Dec 10th- 10:32am | China, fear, globalization, Hollywood, korea, Culture, Film, Media, News & Politics, Politics, Race, Social Issues

Will China's growing market for foreign flms influence the way Hollywood typically portrays East Asia?

Asia Blog from ... | Wed, Dec 5th- 9:23am | Culture, Film, Media

From November 15-17th, Baltimore hosted the Applied Research Center's 2012 Facing Race conference.  Fourteen hundred...
Nina Reyes | Fri, Dec 7th- 8:15am | Community, Culture, Diaspora, Events, Media, Networking, News & Politics, Politics, Race, Reviews, Social Issues, Social Justice

I cried on the first day of school. I'm not talking about pre-school, or even elementary school. I cried on the first day of my junior year in high school. Let me explain.

Terry K Park | Tue, Nov 27th- 2:18am | Blogger Column, Epik High, Kpop, Tablo, TaJinYo, Culture, Diaspora, Essay, Media, Music, News & Politics, Politics, Race, Social Issues

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