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Activist Ju Hong shares the story of his return visit to South Korea.

Ju Hong | Wed, Aug 27th- 1:56pm | Activism, Community, Immigration, Mr. Hyphen, Social Issues, Social Justice

Mr. Hyphen 2013 dishes about his views on Asian American masculinity, strength in multiple identities, and his advice for Mr. Hyphen hopefuls. 

Abigail Licad | Thu, May 22nd- 1:51pm | Blogger Column, Sean Miura, Mr. Hyphen


Thank you to all those who submitted applications to Mr. Hyphen 2014! After careful review of the record number of applications we received, we're so excited to announce our 12 semi-finalists!

Hyphen Events | Sat, Apr 5th- 9:23pm | Hyphen Events, Mr. Hyphen

In high school I had a crush on a girl.

Sean Miura | Fri, Feb 21st- 12:13pm | Asian Dramas, Chocolate Rose, Sean Miura, Valentine's Day, Mr. Hyphen

Most precious to Hyphen among Sukhadia’s many achievements is the rich legacy he has left as our very first Mr. Hyphen contest winner.

Abigail Licad | Fri, Mar 7th- 5:40pm | Robin Sukhadia, Tabla, Mr. Hyphen, Music

'Tis the season to give! And to share some holiday cheer and direct good karma your way, Hyphen's Food & Agriculture Editor Nina Fallenbaum Ichikawa writes to you, dear Hyphen readers, about how you can help keep Asian America's only print...

Anonymous | Mon, Jan 6th- 11:57am | donate, donations, donor letter, Food and Agriculture, Mr. Hyphen, Nina Fallanbaum Ichikawa, Food, Hyphen Updates, Immigration, Media, Mr. Hyphen, News & Politics, Photography, Politics

Community organizer Sean Miura lets us in on why he decided to compete, what it takes to win, and his plans for the future as 2013's Mr. Hyphen.

Sean Miura | Sun, Oct 6th- 2:40am | Hyphen Events, Mr. Hyphen

Sean Miura takes home the crown and title of Mr. Hyphen 2013.

Melissa Nguyen | Sat, May 4th- 8:38pm | Community, Hyphen Events, Mr. Hyphen

A self-described “mighty-morphin” dancer and community organizer, Sean Miura is representing Tuesday Night Project, an organization dedicated to cultivating the Asian American arts scene in Los Angeles.

Lauren Shiraishi | Sat, May 4th- 8:35pm | Mr. Hyphen

Tim Huey is a community advocate involved in a range of issues concerning Asian Americans. He hopes that Mr. Hyphen will be a way for people to learn about and get inspired by all the amazing work the finalists are doing.

David Ngo | Thu, Apr 25th- 10:14pm | Mr. Hyphen

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