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I cried on the first day of school. I'm not talking about pre-school, or even elementary school. I cried on the first day of my junior year in high school. Let me explain.

Terry K Park | Tue, Nov 27th- 2:18am | Blogger Column, Epik High, Kpop, Tablo, TaJinYo, Culture, Diaspora, Essay, Media, Music, News & Politics, Politics, Race, Social Issues

Democrats have targeted four AAPI Congressional races as "red-to-blue," or as having a good shot at transferring from Republican control. 

Nadia Hussain | Tue, Oct 30th- 11:32pm | battleground, Congress, Democrat, Election, Community, Immigration, News & Politics, Politics, Profiles, Race

Robin David and Angela Angel on Art, Life, and California’s Prop 37.

Aileen Suzara | Thu, Oct 25th- 9:41am | GMO, Proposition 37, seeds, Activism, Food, Health & Environment, News & Politics, Social Issues

Forget the big banks that sent the US economy into a tailspin that it has yet to recover from, or European countries that can no longer pay their bills. The candidates both agree that China is the US’s greatest economic rival and the easiest...

Lin Yang | Thu, Oct 25th- 11:30am | China, Election, jobs, News & Politics, Politics, Race

How Orientalism and ethnocentric prejudice hijacked a "scientific quest for the truth" behind yellow rain, with unsettling consequences.

Kirti Kamboj | Fri, Oct 12th- 7:15pm | agent orange, eng yang, hmong, kao kalia yang, orientalism, radiolab, robert krulwich, vietnam war, yellow rain, Culture, History, Media, News & Politics, Race, Science, Social Issues, Social Justice

A new opinion survey released last week showed that President Barack Obama has nearly double the support of the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community over challenger Mitt Romney. But surprisingly, a huge chunk of AAPIs, 32...

Lin Yang | Wed, Oct 3rd- 2:50am | Art & Design, Community, Culture, Immigration, Media, News & Politics, Politics, Race, Social Issues

Law-abiding Americans are supposed to have a fixed name, a fixed date and birthplace, so goes the thinking behind Voter ID laws. But asking immigrants these questions can lead to more than one answer.

Vanessa.Hua | Tue, Oct 2nd- 10:14am | Diaspora, Essay, Immigration, News & Politics, Politics, Social Justice

Help Hyphen fund an upcoming feature story on the challenges of incarcerating Hawaiians in Arizona prisons, which will appear in the November 2012 issue.

Catherine A Traywick | Wed, Nov 28th- 8:28pm | Corrections Corporation of America, Hawaii, Hawaiian prisoners, prison consolidation, prison outsourcing, spot.us, Diaspora, Immigration, News & Politics, Race, Social Issues, Social Justice

Our writer Nadia Hussain recaps her experience as a California delegate at the Democratic National Convention, where she hobnobbed with leaders, pundits, and celebrities and nominated President Barack Obama to run for a second term.

Nadia Hussain | Mon, Sep 17th- 10:23am | convention, Democratic, Election, Obama, Activism, Community, Networking, News & Politics, Politics, Race, Social Issues

Sangay Mishra looks to reframe the conversations we have in the aftermath of racial violence, like the killings at Oak Creek.

Sangay Mishra | Wed, Aug 22nd- 12:29pm | domestic terrorism, Oak Creek, racism, Sikh temple, Across the Desk, News & Politics, Race, Social Issues, University/Academics

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