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In this Hyphen exclusive, Kao Kalia Yang shares her side of the story following Radiolab's Yellow Rain debacle.

Kao Kalia Yang | Fri, Jan 4th- 5:20pm | Community, Social Justice

How Orientalism and ethnocentric prejudice hijacked a "scientific quest for the truth" behind yellow rain, with unsettling consequences.

Kirti Kamboj | Fri, Oct 12th- 7:15pm | agent orange, eng yang, hmong, kao kalia yang, orientalism, radiolab, robert krulwich, vietnam war, yellow rain, Culture, History, Media, News & Politics, Race, Science, Social Issues, Social Justice

Law-abiding Americans are supposed to have a fixed name, a fixed date and birthplace, so goes the thinking behind Voter ID laws. But asking immigrants these questions can lead to more than one answer.

Vanessa.Hua | Tue, Oct 2nd- 10:14am | Diaspora, Essay, Immigration, News & Politics, Politics, Social Justice

Help Hyphen fund an upcoming feature story on the challenges of incarcerating Hawaiians in Arizona prisons, which will appear in the November 2012 issue.

Catherine A Traywick | Wed, Nov 28th- 8:28pm | Corrections Corporation of America, Hawaii, Hawaiian prisoners, prison consolidation, prison outsourcing, spot.us, Diaspora, Immigration, News & Politics, Race, Social Issues, Social Justice

One of the earliest inspirations behind the DREAM Act shares her story.

Jenny Lee | Wed, Sep 19th- 9:30am | Chicago, DREAM Act, DREAMers movement, Education, Illinois, Tereza Lee, Activism, Community, Diaspora, Immigration, Profiles, Social Justice

The political discourse in the US fuels the fear of Muslims. Policies such as the Patriot Act, and more recently the National Defense Authorization Act, have contributed to this environment, as have speeches and stances taken by elected officials...

Nadia Hussain | Mon, Aug 20th- 1:38am | 9/11, muslim, shooting, Sikh, wisconsin, Activism, Community, Culture, Diaspora, History, Immigration, News & Politics, Politics, Race, Social Issues, Social Justice

Some advocates still have concerns that the government will fail to protect applicant information and put many applicants and their families at risk for deportation. Regardless of these risks, many advocates are encouraging more people to...

Erin Pangilinan | Wed, Aug 22nd- 1:34pm | deferred action, deportation, undocumented, Activism, Community, Immigration, News & Politics, Politics, Race, Social Issues, Social Justice, University/Academics

Long marginalized by the political establishment, Muslim Americans are standing up and sending a sizable elected delegation to this year's Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC.

Nadia Hussain | Fri, Jul 27th- 12:55pm | 9/11, charlotte, convention, Democratic, Election, muslim, Activism, Community, History, Immigration, News & Politics, Politics, Race, Social Justice

After successful response to Fly Rights, an app developed to document incidents of TSA profiling, the Sikh Coalition prepares to forge ahead with a second version.

Meeta Kaur | Mon, Jul 16th- 11:47am | Blogger Column, Social Justice

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