Issue 12: Transit - Summer 2007


Readers and contributors relate tales of subway fights and granny attacks on public transport.

Theodric Feng - August 1, 2008
  • Started as cheap transport for Chinese restaurant workers, discount bus companies have developed loyal ridership, despite safety issues.
  • Divorce and single motherhood aren't stopping New York cabbie Sayeeda Akhter's dreams of Bangladeshi pop stardom.
  • Survivor winner Yul Kwon and Mr. Hyphen 2006 Robin Sukhadia talk about media, music and being role models.


But the MADtv star gets laid by white chicks.

Ali Wong - August 1, 2008


Laurel Nakadate's video performance art reveals the hidden through chance encounters.

Rebecca Klassen - August 1, 2007


Bayani (Rawkus)

Zoneil - August 1, 2007

Food and Agriculture

Hawaiian food is making a big splash on the mainland.

Harry Mok - August 1, 2007


Lillian Chan's short film, Jaime Lo, Small and Shy brings astronaut families down to earth.

Tim Chan - August 1, 2007
  • An Oscar win for her documentary, Blood of Yingzhou District, is nice, but filmmaker Ruby Yang’s larger goal is to help victims of China’s AIDS crisis.
  • New films by Justin Lin and Michael Kang break new ground, but will Hollywood give them a shot?
  • From street corners to hidden histories, Steven Okazaki's documentaries tell untold stories.


The Underground Economy of the Urban Poor

Neela Banerjee - August 1, 2007
  • We asked Ted Chiang, two-time Nebula Award winner and author of the collection Stories of Your Life and Others (Orb Books): What are your favorite books of all time?

Digital Culture

A flameout by MTV isn't slowing down growth for South Asian publishers and broadcasters in local markets and on the Internet.

Rebecca Ruiz - August 1, 2007


Virgin Comics goes East for inspiration, but some claim it's just cashing in on culture.

Ching-In Chen - August 1, 2007


Cycles of Change promotes environmentalism while giving young people life lessons.

Mahru Elahi - August 1, 2007


Stuff to Take Home

Sita Kuratomi Bhaumik - August 1, 2007