Issue 15: Road Trip - Fall 2008


Seven years after 9/11, Asian Americans reflect on how their lives and communities have changed.

Momo Chang - August 1, 2008
  • Reflections on life where there are no Chinatowns, where sushi is made with 'whaat rahs' and where Asian Americans can be black or white.


Graffiti, calligraphy and sumi inks influence work of mural painters.

Alexandra Chang - August 1, 2008

First Person

A Chinese American woman weighs good will against personal mores in considering egg donoration.

Carol Suh - August 1, 2008


Hip-hop artist Nomi's social conscience flows with the Filipino American community.

Christine Joy Ferrer - August 1, 2008


Socheata Poeuv's New Year Baby documents her family's return to Cambodia's killing fields.

Ravi Chandra - August 1, 2008


A hospital full of Asian American doctor-writers is reviving the medical narrative genre.

Neela Banerjee - August 1, 2008

Digital Culture

On the hunt for virtual Asian American communities.

Neela Banerjee - August 1, 2008


How to make your own movie-esque road trip.

Annette Lee - August 1, 2008
  • From Peru to New Zealand, author Jennifer 8. Lee traveled the world in search of the best Chinese restaurant outside of China.
  • Melissa Li and Kit Van's Good Asian Drivers tour is unleashing powerful queer spoken word and folk songs across the country.
  • A visual landscape of Asian American cultural influences in mainstream America.
  • Hyphen's sensei of sensibility answers your questions about Asian culture.

Media & Pop Culture

More TV ads are featuring Asian Americans, but are they debunking stereotypes?

Alex Jong-Seok Lee - August 1, 2008