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bok choy apparel

Hyphen has a compiled a list of some independent jewelry, clothing, and beauty/hair designers to keep you and your loved ones looking fine as you head into 2012.

Sylvie Kim | Thu, Dec 15th- 11:46am | bok choy apparel, Estrella Tadeo, Juju Chan, Poketo, Retrofit Republic, Rocksmith Tokyo, The Mission Statement, Wanderluster, Yosh Han, Fashion, Gift Guide

Hyphen caught up with Antony Ho and Brian Yee from Bok Choy Apparel -- who helped outfit our Mr. Hyphen 2011 contestants -- to hear about their community focus and a very delicious description of their design aesthetic.

Esther Kim | Thu, Nov 10th- 12:25am | bok choy apparel, Mr. Hyphen 2011, Community, Fashion, Hyphen Events, Mr. Hyphen

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