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Jeremy Lin

Exactly one year after the cultural phenomenon known as "Linsanity," Jeremy Lin -- the Asian American basketball player at the center of it -- and Evan Jackson Leong -- the Asian American director who chronicled it -- both return home to the Bay...

Terry K Park | Fri, Feb 22nd- 3:19pm | Blogger Column, CAAMfest, Jeremy Lin, Linsanity, NBA, Rockets, Warriors, Community, Culture, Film, Film Festivals, Media, Race, Reviews, SFIAAFF, Social Justice, Sports

Five misconceptions about Jeremy Lin's contract, or why the New York Knicks are the New York Knicks.

Ky-Phong Tran | Thu, Aug 30th- 1:16pm | Blogger Column, Houston Rockets, Jeremy Lin, NBA, New York Knicks, Sports

Because Daddy needs more than just the Big Piece of Chicken: In honor of Father's Day, Hyphen columnist Ky-Phong Tran nominates finalists for the title of 2011-2012 Asian American Dad of the Year.

Ky-Phong Tran | Wed, Jun 20th- 12:23am | Blogger Column, father's day, George Takei, gie-ming lin, Harry Shum Jr, Jeremy Lin, jimmy phan, keong sim, mike chang sr., nam phan

We're live tweeting this Sunday's New York Knicks versus Dallas Mavericks Game!

Terry K Park | Sat, Feb 18th- 4:37pm | basketball, Jeremy Lin, live tweet, Twitter, Sports

Today is the day when we express our love and appreciation to those close to us.  In his first monthly column, Terry K. Park, Mr. Hyphen 2011, expresses his gratitude to someone he's never met--New York Knicks sensation Jeremy Lin.

Terry K Park | Tue, Feb 21st- 7:50pm | Blogger Column, Jeremy Lin, Sports

Director Spike Lee tweets love for new Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin and dismisses the racialized language surrounding Lin in the Twitterverse.

Sylvie Kim | Mon, Feb 13th- 4:58pm | Jeremy Lin, New York Knicks, Race, Spike Lee, Twitter, Race, Sports

38 points against the Lakers! 7 assists, and he outscored Kobe. That's the latest -- but hey, we can say we knew him When.

Alvin Lin | Sat, Feb 11th- 3:12pm | asian, deron williams, Jeremy Lin, john wall, kobe bryant, NBA, History, Race, Sports

The New York Knicks present their new star.

Kevin Lee | Sat, Feb 11th- 3:24pm | basketball, Jeremy Lin, NBA, New York Knicks, Tawianese American, Sports

Hyphen is happy to announce that we'll be featuring video interviews with prominent Asian Americans in professional sports, courtesy of veteran sports broadcaster Rick Quan.

Asian American ... | Fri, Aug 12th- 1:15pm | asian american sports with rick quan, Jeremy Lin, Sports

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