eXpo Music Compilation Released

May 5, 2010

Yesterday Dave Liang (of Shanghai Restoration Project) released eXpo, a music compilation of independent Chinese electronic artists in celebration of the World Expo in Shanghai (which takes place from May 1st to October 31st). 

The album showcases ten emerging artists, almost all of whom will be compensated for the first time for their music. Due to an underdeveloped music market in China, many musicians there don't have a means to make a living from creating music or focusing exclusively on the craft. You can sample some of the music and learn more about the album and the artists by checking out its website, a music video, and this interview with Fader Magazine. If you like what you hear, help support these artists by buying their music on iTunes, mp3's on Amazon, or the CD on Amazon. The album was co-produced by Shanghai Restoration Project and Neocha

For those in the NYC area, Shanghai Restoration Project will be performing on May 15th at the 92Y Tribeca. For those unfamiliar with SRP, the music infuses traditional Eastern instruments with hip hop and electronica, and seeks to revive the vibrant, creative music scene that flourished in early 20th century Shanghai. Dave Liang, creator of SRP, is a classically trained, Harvard-educated, consultant-turned-DJ/producer. To learn more about his music, you can sample some SRP music here, check out this music video, or see bits from a recent live college show. You can buy tickets for the May 15th show here. I'll see you there.


Alvin Lin


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