Blog Editors

Job Department: 
Magazine and Online Editorial Team

The blog editor manages a team of regular columnists and occasional bloggers/staff contributors, providing them with content edits and copyedits of their posts as well as technical support in our CMS.

General Duties and Responsibilities: 
  • Maintaining publishing calendar for recurring writers as well as one-off posts and special events (film festivals, Mr. Hyphen, et cetera). Coordinating publishing schedules with other teams (Edit, Biz)
  • Providing deeper content edits to blog posts when necessary to shape structure, tone, argument, and maintain Hyphen voice
  • Copyediting posts for spelling, grammar, formatting, and length
  • Formatting text, images, and video in Drupal CMS. Spot-checking for correct tags, categories, and dates
  • Pitching ideas to bloggers and coordinating publishing dates. Vetting pitches based on Hyphen voice and mission
  • Recruiting/vetting blogger applicants and getting new writers oriented with Hyphen
  • Coordinating Facebook and Twitter posts with social media staffers
  • Providing general writing and technical guidance to blog staff
  • Managing other administrative tasks such as vetting blog comments
How to Apply: 

Please contact Cynthia.Brothers [at] with inquiries and questions.