Grant Writers

Job Department: 
Development Team

Grant writers will be instrumental in securing funding and ensuring Hyphen’s long-term sustainability. Grant writers will be working as a team along with the Development Director to meet Hyphen’s financial short- and long-term goals.

General Duties and Responsibilities: 
  • Fundraising, fundraising, fundraising. And more fundraising! Establish financial goals and execute various fundraising methods such as approaching institutional donors, applying to private and public grant sources, orchestrating crowd source funding campaigns, organizing solicitation drives, and leveraging other innovative and creative fundraising means
  • Initiate contact with potential donors and other funding sources, and cultivate long-lasting relationships. Schmoozing at events, networking, missive-writing, and regular phone calls are an all-around essential part of the job
  • Research potential granters and keep up-to-date with emerging grant opportunities
  • Grow and maintain Hyphen’s donor database and funding records; generate reports as needed
  • Recruit and nurture staff members to ensure progressive professional development and high morale
Knowledge and Skills: 
  • Experience is awesome, but more important to Hyphen is passion, drive, and the commitment to continual learning. If you have only basic experience, but are hungry to learn and prove yourself, then go right on ahead and apply!
  • Plays nice with others. Thrives in a teamwork-oriented environment, able to work well cross-departmentally with other staff members, as well as with external organizations 
  • Have the eloquence and profound wisdom of Socrates. Ok, just kidding. But you should have strong verbal and written communication skills. That means you are keenly articulate in conversations and quickly incisive with the written word
  • Good with doing homework. Pays attention to details, thinks critically, prepares thoroughly, and anticipates potential problems
How to Apply: 

Qualified candidates send materials to Tina Hsu (tina.hsu (at) hyphenmagazine(dot)com with the the subject "Development Team":

  • a letter of interest
  • resume
  • grant samples & short narrative of how you've contributed to the grant