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After months of campaigning by immigrant and LGBTQ rights groups, Nicoll Hernández-Polanco was freed from her detention by ICE. Her story, written by Kris Hayashi of the Transgender Law Center, is a story of a young woman who escaped the broken immigration system, and how she was criminalized and psychologically tortured simply for being young and transgender.  

Kris Hayashi | April 29, 2015 - 11:41am


Connect with us to pitch a story, apply for a staff position, or let us know how you'd like to be involved. All positions are volunteer, you'll receive payment in the satisfaction that you're contributing to an organization ensuring Asian American voices are heard, perspectives are told, and faces are seen.

Mia Nakano LGBTQ | June 29, 2014 - 4:16pm

'Farah Goes Bang' Shoots for Real Stories of Girls, Diversity

Filmmaker Meera Menon talks about her new film Farah Goes Bang, and its frank depiction of one woman's emerging sexuality.

Report Back from the Asian American Literary Symposium

Photo: Poet Srikanth Reddy and novelist Ed Lin exemplify the diversity in the Asian American writing community and at a recent Asian American literature symposium. Photo by Kira Wisniewski.

Eight amazing Asian American writers gathered at the University of Maryland this past Saturday to read their work and talk about the state of Asian American literature. Kira Wisniewski of 826DC was on the scene for Hyphen to report on the day-long festivities:  

Hyphen and AAWW Short Story Contest DEADLINE EXTENDED!

Entries are pouring in for the 2010 Asian American Short Story Contest, brought to you by Hyphen and the Asian American Writers' Workshop, but we want more! So, we've decided to extend the deadline until Monday April 12th (postmark deadline), so you can get that story in and maybe even win $1000!

Check out all the details here.

Here are a few FAQs we've been encountering:

SFIAAFF 2010: Raspberry Magic Director Leena Pendharkar's Road to Success

A few years before filmmaker Leena Pendhakar finished Raspberry Magic -- playing this weekend at the SFIAAFF -- she wrote a commentary for Hyphen (Issue 12) about her dream to make an independent film about a little South Asian American girl. I guess dream do come true. 

Movie dreams come true

A fledgling filmmaker learns how to stop worrying and just make her movie.

By Leena Pendharkar (Illustration by Ameet Mehta)

Desis, Iranians and Adolescent Girls at SFIAAFF 2010

Over the last several years, I’ve made it my point on this blog to assess the South Asian American aspects of the SFIAAFF: the good, the bad and the Bollywood. While the festival always has an amazing range of films and stories from global South Asia – it is the South Asian American stories that I find missing.

Announcing the 2010 Asian American Short Story Contest

contest.jpgI am SUPER excited to announce the 2010 Asian American Short Story Contest, co-sponsored by Hyphen and The Asian American Writers' Workshop (AAWW)! This is the nation's only contest dedicated to Asian American voices and an opportunity for you to win $1000.

Please Welcome the Asian American Literary Review


Exciting news everyone: A new literary journal dedicated to Asian American writing -- the Asian American Literary Review (AALR) -- is mere months away from hitting the stands. As a writer, I think that the pulse of American writing is found in its literary journals. Sure, they may not be as sexy as The New Yorker, or even get top billing at bookstores, as Stephen King wrote about a few years ago, but it's the place where you find the real writing, both from established writers and emerging ones. Even in this hyper-connected world, journals continue to be a place where literary arts can be both showcased and discussed with abandon. My very first creative publication was in the pages of the Asian Pacific American Journal, the literary journal of the Asian American Writers' Workshop, back in 1998. I remember how exciting it was to have my poem be a part of this collection of writings from Asian Americans all over the country. Now, the AALR hopes to create these kind of creative connections for a whole new era of Asian American literature.   

Get 'Slightly Behind and to the Left'

slightlybehindandtotheleft.jpgCongratulations to Hyphen co-founder, blogger and contributor Claire Light on the publication of

10 Notable Asian American Books of 2009

There's nothing like starting off the new year with a fat pile of books by your side. Here's a round-up of the year's best Asian American books to help keep you warm until the Spring.


Could You Do a Year of No Flying?

When my friends Anirvan and Barnali, two South Asian Americans living in Berkeley, CA, plugged their numbers into one of those carbon footprint calculators a few years ago, they found out theirs was bigger than 90 percent of Americans'. And they don't even have a car! The culprit was international air travel. So, they decided to make a point and travel around the world for a year without using planes, and talk to people "exploring solutions to transportation and the climate crisis." 

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