Our Favorite Comfort Foods: A Community Collection of Recipes

Asian American writers, editors and food lovers share some of their favorite recipes
June 15, 2020

Photo by Caroline Attwood on Unsplash

Something we noticed as we scrolled through our social media feeds is that for many of us — those of us with the privilege of health, time and regular (if limited) access to groceries — sheltering in place means spending a lot of time cooking. We've seen photos of sourdough bread, fried chicken, homemade pizzas and more roll through our timelines as people experimented with new recipes and fell back upon old favorites.

A homecooked meal can provide comfort during this uncertain and scary time. For many of us, what we identify as comfort food can often be wrapped up in the familiar foods we grew up with or recipes we inherited from those we love.

We asked some of our editors and writers: What is a comfort food you turn to now? What can you tell us about it? We'll be posting their responses and recipes as we get them and hope you'll be inspired to try some of them! Perhaps a recipe shared by someone in the community will provide you with comfort, too.


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Karissa Chen


Karissa Chen is Editor-in-Chief of Hyphen magazine. She also serves as the Senior Literature Editor.