Blog Archive: April 2010

Blog Archive: April 2010

April 30: The Fall By-The-Numbers

Every year on April 30, I comb through any and all news articles featuring the words “Fall of Saigon.” The top images are familiar scenes -- black and white photographs of Vietnamese chaotically scrambling for the last departing helicopters, of the broken gates that once surrounded South Vietnam’s Presidential Palace. I read through the accounts of Vietnamese, now Americans, relaying a pain and anger that still lingers over three decades later.

Congratulations to Indivisible - First South Asian American Poetry Anthology

Congratulations to Hyphen's own Neelanjana Banerjee, who, with Summi Kaipa and Pireeni Sundaralingam, has co-edited an extensive and gorgeous collection of South Asian American poetry, the first ever in this country. Given the popularity of multicultural literature in the U.S.A. in the last decade or so, I was a little surprised to hear that there have been no previous specifically poetry anthologies coming out of the community.

These were my questions for Neela:

Report Back from the Asian American Literary Symposium

Photo: Poet Srikanth Reddy and novelist Ed Lin exemplify the diversity in the Asian American writing community and at a recent Asian American literature symposium. Photo by Kira Wisniewski.

Eight amazing Asian American writers gathered at the University of Maryland this past Saturday to read their work and talk about the state of Asian American literature. Kira Wisniewski of 826DC was on the scene for Hyphen to report on the day-long festivities: