Amanda L. Andrei

Amanda L. Andrei is an award-winning playwright and storyteller living in the DC metro area. Her plays have been read and produced in New York, DC, Virginia, and Maryland. She is a proud VONA/Voices of Our Nations Arts alumna. Amanda is inspired by diaspora, tragicomedy, and collaborative art games.

October Lit: "They Strike My Wings with Sticks" by Amanda L. Andrei

Fiction by Amanda L. Andrei

For October, we have original fiction by Amanda L. Andrei, about a young Filipino American man whose temporary studies in the Philippines lead to an encounter with foreign tourists searching for "exotic" foods in other countries.

-- Karissa Chen, Senior Literature Editor

I was getting drunk at Cantina with Kams the first time I witnessed the Balut Challenge. She was polishing off her fourth Red Horse while I was still halfway through my third beer, bitching about our history professor.