Angbeen Saleem

Angbeen Saleem is an artist, poet, aspiring farmer and filmmaker. She hails from the jawn that made jawn happen, played Othello once in a high school English class, and is a Pink Door Fellow. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Best American Poetry, Blood Orange Review, Pigeon Pages, The Margins, The Slowdown, underblong, and in other timelines of the multiverse. Follow her on Instagram (@angribeen) and Twitter (@angbe3n).



"philly for the weekend" and "alternate reality in which i don't say goodbye to my grandmother over video chat"

During the pandemic, I found myself craving the tenderest moments of physical contact from loved ones I would never see again. Angbeen Saleem's poems arrived to me in a deep spiral of sadness, drawing me gently through yearning and into joy. Both poems invite us to hold the bodies of our beloveds once more, if only for a moment in our minds, reminding us that we do not experience the fullness of love and loss alone.

— Marci Calabretta Cancio-Bello, Poetry Editor

philly for the weekend