Brian Lin


Brian Lin is a Ph.D. student in the creative writing and literature program at USC. He has participated in the Tin House Summer Workshop and the Napa Valley Writers' Conference. He is a 2020 Desert Nights, Rising Stars fellow and a 2021 Ragdale resident. Fiction editor for Apogee Journal and community outreach coordinator for The Offing, Brian is also working on his first books of prose.

The Trappings of Visibility

On inclusion and American myth in the PBS documentary Asian Americans
Asian Americans PBS Documentary Graphic

I learned about the Asian American Movement in 2012. It was my last year of undergrad and my first-ever class with all-Asian American peers. In the seminar, we got to the killing of Vincent Chin around the time of Trayvon Martin’s murder.

Chin was one of the first times I saw myself in the curriculum. A father and a son, both white, got away with killing someone who could have been me. That was recent history. In real time, another white man was getting away with killing someone I would have thought had nothing to do with me.