Emily Leach

Viva La Comunidad

World War II changed everything for the Japanese in America and in Cuba. Now some are connecting - across an ocean and an embargo - to exchange experiences, fears and hopes.

STEPPING OFF THE COBBLESTONE STREETS OF Havana Vieja, Yeneit Delgado Kios melts into the pitch-black shadows of her apartment building's entryway. There, the cool, damp air seems miles away from the merciless sun bearing down on this oldest and most historic of neighborhoods in Cuba's capital. Her footsteps echo in the windowless corridor as she dodges puddles and gaps where steps used to be in the concrete stairwell of the government-owned tenement.

Shifting Identities

Hapa Issues Forum shuts down after leading the grassroots and political fight for the acceptance of multiracial Asian Americans.

FOR 15 YEARS, Hapa Issues Forum was the largest and oldest national advocacy and support group for multiracial Asian Americans. With chapters across the country, the group helped redefine the nation's dialogue on multiracial identity. But, in a way, HIF may have outgrown itself, and it officially closed its doors this fall.