Jacqueline Wong


Jacqueline Wong is a writer who focuses on how Asian Americans are represented in our culture. Her writings examine the underlying forces that drive the collective Asian American experience, in order to figure out how to transcend our internalized expectations of what it means to be Asian American. You can read her other work here on Medium. 

A Conversation with Japanese American Rapper, G Yamazawa

For much of the country, the idea of an Asian American rapper can still be a bit puzzling. Yet artists such as Dumbfoundead from the West Coast and Awkwafina from the East Coast have hustled for a long time to establish their legitimacy in the hip-hop world. With their successes, Asian Americans’ credibility within hip-hop has slowly been building. And now, Japanese American rapper G Yamazawa, a North Carolina native, is the next name readers can look to carry the momentum forward.