Jessica Wang

Jessica Wang grew up in Madison, WI and moved to Boston, MA at age 14 to attend Milton Academy, a preparatory boarding school. She is currently a high school senior and plans to attend Yale University as a part of the class of 2023. Her writing has been previously recognized by Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, the Ruth Berrien Fox Award, The Apprentice Writer and the 11th Annual Smith College Poetry Prize.

June Fiction: "Child From the Stars" by Jessica Wang

“In China, autistic children are called ‘children from the stars.’"

The Chinese congregation repeated in their heads the mantra their parents had taught them when they were younger: don’t stare. I thought it was rude for them to pretend that they weren’t looking through the corners of their eyes because I could see that everyone was. Before my mother could stop me, I turned my body in the pew and saw her.