Jinah Kim

Jinah Kim is the author of Postcolonial Grief: The Afterlives of the Pacific Wars in the Americas (Duke UP, 2019). A recipient of an NEH fellowship, California Civil Liberties Grant, and the Andrew Mellon fellowship, her research, teaching, and activism focus on the transnational mobilization for the Comfort Women, ending the Korean War, and Asian/American pop culture. She is currently an Associate Professor at CSUN. Born in Seoul, Korea, she immigrated to the US when she was 8. She now lives in Los Angeles with her partner Peter, and their two young children. 


Noir and History

A Q&A with Naomi Hirahara

On a sunny morning in June, I interviewed Naomi Hirahara as we explored the Huntington in San Marino, California, a lush 130 acre botanical garden on the former estate of the railroad magnate Henry Huntington. Naomi Hirahara is a celebrated figure in the detective fiction community for her novels, which display a profound knowledge of Japanese American California lore.