Karen Kim

High Stakes

As casinos target Asian Americans, community groups mobilize.

Illustrator Cielo Oreste

As a tour guide in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, Angela finds herself taking busloads of tourists to casinos in Las Vegas several times a week.

But you’ll never see her drop a nickel in a slot machine, nor bet a fiver on red at the roulette table.

Karaoke Super Star

Man + Machine = Musical Menace.

GPX Party

Singing Machine
with stand STVG-988

5” monitor so you don’t
need a TV.

Compact and easy to store and move.

Only if everyone is
super quiet. It’s only got a 5-watt speaker.


Special Features

7” monitor. Built-in video camera that hooks up to a VCR for recording.

It’s got a stand so not easy to store or travel with.

The stand and video camera will give your party a real karaoke feel.