Kazumi Chin


Kazumi Chin is the author of "Having a Coke With Godzilla". He works to build loving communities with marginalized people, to put language to the mechanisms of structures and identities, and to create spaces and tools that allow others to do the same. He is interested in scholarship at the intersection of art—making and critical theory, and has a profound love for maps, spreadsheets, algorithms, taxonomies, simulations, and also poetry & the mythical power of true friendship.​​

Jason Bayani’s "Locus of Control"

To watch Locus of Control is to follow Jason Bayani through his growing up: his addictions, depressions, and loneliness; his relationships and break-ups; his first steps toward sobriety and antidepressants. It is to take a journey with him, to watch these threads ravel and unravel alongside stories ranging from his childhood and parents in Fremont to the Philippines and of Filipino history.