Kelley Still

Arts and Culture Editor

Kelley Still is a writer, editor, and communications professional. Although she spent over a decade living and working in the San Francisco Bay area, she recently returned home to Minnesota, where she grew up. A Korean adoptee and mother of two, young girls, Kelley began her career in arts journalism and in addition to writing, has also spent time in education. She's interested in exploring the cultural identities of Asian adoptees.

Changing the Narrative of Intercultural Adoption

Glenn Morey and his wife and co-director, Julie Morey, have spent years conceiving of, producing and directing Side by Side: Out of a South Korean Orphanage and Into the World, a multi-tiered documentary and audio/visual art installation. Focused on changing the narrative of intercultural adoption beyond rescue and compassion, Side by Side documents 100 first-person stories from 100 transracial adult adoptees recounting their deeply personal, singular lived experiences. Since the 1950s, there have been nearly a million of these adoptions, starting with South Korea and

Actress Alice Tsui talks about authenticity and navigating the Queer Asian American experience in the media industry

Wong Fu Production's latest short features the production company's first lead LGBTQ characters. We sat down with Alice Tsui, one of the lead actresses, and asked her a few questions.  

Alice Tsui stars in Wong Fu's latest short, Vantage Points.

In October, Wong Fu Productions released its latest short, Vantage Points, on YouTube, which features Wong Fu’s first LGBTQ lead characters. Alice Tsui plays one of the main characters. A native of Northern California, Alice grew up in San Jose, and even as a young child, knew she had a desire to work in the media industry.