Laura Chow Reeve

Laura Chow Reeve lives in Jacksonville, FL. She holds an MA in Asian American Studies from UCLA and a BA from Bryn Mawr College. A writer and organizer, she is on the board of the Girls Rock Camp Alliance (GRCA) and co-founded the UCLA Writers of Color Workshop. She is excited to be a part of VONA this summer.

June Lit: "1,000-Year-Old Ghosts" by Laura Chow Reeve

Fiction by Laura Chow Reeve

For June, we present an original short story by Laura Chow Reeve, about three generations of women who wrestle with their memories in a unique way — by pickling them. We love the magical realism of the story, with rich imagery that elicits all senses, and a weight that we think many people can relate to.

-- Karissa Chen, Fiction & Poetry Editor