Lisa Katayama

How To Play Liar’s Dice

The truth behind the popular bar game.

Number of players: 2+

You need: One opaque plastic cup and five die per player. Shot glasses filled to the brim with the liquor of your choice.

Concept: Similar to the card game Bullshit, but less methodical and calculated.

Note: 1 is Wild. It can be counted as any number between 2 and 6. Game moves clockwise around the table.

Love Beyond Borders

A unique lawsuit filed by a transgender Filipina adds a new dimension to the gay marriage debate.

Writer Lisa Katayama
Photographer Ejen Chuang

Donita Ganzon stands at the podium of a University of San Francisco conference hall on a brisk afternoon in February. Quiet and elegant, Ganzon is about to deliver a speech about her fight with the U.S. government to preserve her marriage. On her left hand, she wears a wedding ring of diamonds cradling a black pearl. Her determined doe eyes stand out from her bronze complexion, and from the way she carries herself it looks as if she is in the middle of an artistic performance.