Lorraine Chuen

Lorraine is a Chinese Canadian writer and designer based out of Toronto, Canada. She is interested in the intersections of storytelling, data, technology and social justice. Her work has appeared in GUTS Canadian Feminist Magazine, Ricepaper Magazine and the Globe and Mail. You can find more of her work at www.lorrainechuen.com.

January Fiction: "A Long-Lost Might-Have Loved"

"I am sitting on the carpet of my childhood home, wondering if it is possible to miss someone I have never met."


I might meet her for the first time on a streetcar.

I might be distracted, might not notice her at first because I am listening to the conversation happening behind me. I might wonder if it’s a break up; might become invested; might feel anger on behalf of the more rational half of the squabble. I might be tempted to turn my head back to get a better view of the conversation; to put faces to voices to feelings.