Margaret Rhee

Margaret Rhee is the author of the chapbook Yellow (Tinfish Press, 2011) co-editor of Here is A Pen: An Anthology of West Coast Kundiman Poets(Achiote Press, 2010) and Glitter Tongue: Queer and Trans Love Poems (2012). Currently, she is a doctoral candidate at UC Berkeley where she researches Asian American robotic art. She is a Kundiman Fellow.

Two Robot Love Poems

"This is How You Make Love to a Robot" and "Beam, Robot" by Margaret Rhee


This Is How You Make Love to a Robot

Lesson 1: Don’t watch porn to learn. Robot porn is never any good. A robot would never sizzle and electrocute you. Don’t be scared of a robot. Just take your hands and move accordingly.

Lesson 2: The first time you kiss a robot, you will feel your heart leap. And then you will cry because you like it. This is all natural. This is all normal. Many people experience this when beginning to make love to robots.