Mohammad Murtaza

Mohammad Murtaza is an actor/playwright performing in NYC and studying Political Science at CUNY Hunter College. His featured works and productions include Undesirable Elements:Generation NYZ, And.. Action, The Glass Menagerie, and SHARUM. He is a Creative Director of UNCOMMON;YOU, an NYC arts collective that fosters and produces artwork created by underrepresented artists of color. He has worked with Ping Chong + Co, Keen Company, The Drama League, and is a featured guest lecturer at Pace University this May 2019.


Being Pakistani meant I had to follow the patriarchy my family brought over to our one bedroom apartment.

“I don’t want to be a doctor,” I said that fateful fall day. “Or an engineer, businessman, scientist. I don’t want any of that.” My father looked at me with disappointment, his eyes dropping and finding their way to the center of his feet. Then his body suddenly twitched, his head shot up and in his eyes I saw a fire.

“I am the parent, you will listen. Mhera pura zhindigi maenae kaam kiyah, mae bhara saal sae aap ki leyah kham keeyah, joh mein bolto aap kharungae.” (My whole life I’ve done nothing but work, I’ve worked these past 12 years for you, you will do whatever I say.)