Nghiem Tran

Nghiem Tran was born in Vietnam and raised in Kansas. His work can be seen in the Indiana Review, the Offing, the Adroit Journal, Tinderbox Poetry and elsewhere. He is a Kundiman Fellow and an MFA candidate at Syracuse University.

September Poetry: Two Poems by Nghiem Tran

"A Week After the Funeral" and "Waiting for the Bus"

Nghiem Tran’s poems examine two seemingly ordinary situations — a drive that takes a turn, a wayward bus — with beautiful precision until each disclosed detail and action rings of palpable loss and grief. Both poems transcend the mundane and draw us into the painful and resonant realities of these characters until we come to believe we know and love this family.

— Eugenia Leigh, Poetry Editor

A Week After the Funeral

She was driving us to the grocery store
when she turned onto the highway