Priscilla Hoang

Priscilla Hoang is a writer and content creator currently pursuing her bachelor's degree in English at the University of San Francisco. With a fascination for technology and innovation, she minors in entrepreneurship and is interested in exploring the possibility of combining new technology and literary mediums together. She enjoys reading and writing, and in her free time tends the many houseplants in her apartment. 


You Can Leave China, But China Will Never Leave You

Chemistry by Weike Wang

In Weike Wang’s novel Chemistry, uncertainty clouds the unnamed narrator’s professional and personal lives as she weighs finishing her Ph.D. in chemistry (and thus succeeding in her parents’ eyes) against marrying her boyfriend, Eric. She opens the novel with this: “The boy asks a girl a question. It is a question of marriage. Ask me again tomorrow, she says, and he says, That’s not how this works.”