Simi Kang


Simi Kang is a graduate student at the University of Minnesota currently living in New Orleans doing dissertation fieldwork with Vietnamese New Orleanian communities, focusing on foodways and displacement. She is also a writer and visual artist with APIA Spoken Word & Poetry Summit, Gastronomica, the Asian American Literary Review, Kartika, Jaggery: A Desi Women's Lit Magazine, and has forthcoming work in Sugar & Rice magazine.

Feeding Versailles

The Versailles Vietnamese American community responds to and rebuilds in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and the BP oil spill
VEGGI's community farm

Disaster has changed the way many New Orleanians think of their place in the city. For residents of Versailles, where many of New Orleans’ Vietnamese and Vietnamese Americans live, these disasters — from hurricanes to oil spills — have put a spotlight on government failure. Residents continue to face an absence of fresh food, social services, and industrial pollution. But one group of farmers is trying to create resources where the city has failed.