Tabitha Reyes

Tabitha Reyes

Tabitha Reyes was born in Los Angeles, California and is now a student pursuing her BA in Sociology and Journalism at the University of San Francisco. By combining her passion of art, writing, and social justice, Tabitha plans on establishing herself as a social journalist, learning more about social issues and participating in discussion with her community and her peers. Her favorite foods include a variety of noodle soups and lemon Oreos.

Home Cookin’ for the Soul

Family Recipes as a Cultural Narrative

Two things I thought I could always fall back on were a home cooked meal and my cultural heritage. These were things I easily took for granted. Moving away from home to go to college made me miss my grandmother’s bubbling pots of Chicken Adobo and steaming bowls full of Pork Sinigang. Who knew that the lack of my trusty Filipino home cooking could result in a lack of confidence in my cultural identity?