Senior Section Editors

Job Department: 
Editorial Team

We are looking for strong, independent editors who will help envision, shape, and manage these sections to reflect Hyphen’s commitment to covering new perspectives and progressive angles, from insightful analysis to fun, snarky content. Individuals should be comfortable with self-starting, managing writers and other editors, and have a clear vision for their section. You should be knowledgeable and familiar with the nuanced and often underrepresented landscape of their section, not just what’s covered by mainstream media. Think: not just restaurant reviews but also small farms and sustainable food practices; not just NPR Colorlines but also Racialicious; not just Hamilton but also Central Works Theater. You should be  motivated by your passion for telling Asian American stories in sharp, incisive, and urgent ways. 

    Available positions include:

    • News, Politics & Social Justice
    • LGBTQ+
    • Food & Agriculture
    • Health
    • Business & Technology


    Notes on individual positions:

    News, Politics & Social Justice

    Arguably the bread and butter of our publication, we seek an editor who can identify the AAPIA stories that are timely and important. Hyphen focuses less on the fast reactionary news, and is more interested in in-depth, well-researched articles of political relevance — stories of social justice, racial politics, events affecting our communities, and beyond. Editors should be able to find sharp angles and incisive takes that fill the gaps the mainstream media doesn't cover.


    Intersectionality matters, and with the LGBTQ+ section, we seek to elevate the stories of the LGBTQ+ folks within our community. This section needs to be grown from the bottom up, so we are looking for passionate, driven individuals who know how to find stories that help shape conversations around the LGBTQ+ AAPI community and hone in on stories that elucidate the intersections of race, sexuality, and gender. We want to identify the changemakers, community builders, and joy creators within our LGBTQ+ community and the stories that surround them.

    Food & Agriculture

    Beyond just restaurant reviews and chef interviews, what we're really interested in are the stories of the food and agriculture industry as it impacts our community. Are there stories of food scarcity we need to be telling, or can we spotlight the successes and challenges of Asian owned crawfish operations or small farms specializing in Asian produce? Even if we allow for the occasional food trend or chef interview, what changes are they trying to make in the landscape and how does it affect our community? We're interested in the political in food rather than the glamour of it (even if we're guilty of the occasional IG foodie post!).


    What are the stories around personal health and health policy that feels relevant to our communities today? From access to healthcare to the stigma around mental health to health conditions that disproportionately plague Asian Americans — are there issues that get overlooked by mainstream media that Asian Americans face on a daily basis, as a community? These are the stories we hope to uncover and report.

    Business & Technology

    Are you someone who is interested in the way technological advances and business news impact our communities in meaningful ways? Someone who is more interested in the human stories behind the numbers and tech? We aren't interested in promoting new gadgets or consumerism; instead, we want to spotlight the ways in which overlooked businesses and technology can enrich our communities or fill a gap of need. This isn't a vertical interested in techbros, NFTs and cryptocurrency, but is interested in apps that make it easier for Asian Americans to connect, small businesses created by Asian American women promoting niche products for the community, and other stories of the sort.

    General Duties and Responsibilities: 

    Responsibilities include:

    • Publishing at least one article for their section per month
    • Identifying strong pitches and working with writers to develop stories
    • Managing editors on the team and assigning pitches
    • Occasionally acting as second editor to other pieces (not necessarily in their section)
    • Attendance at monthly staff meetings
    Knowledge and Skills: 

    Knowledge of the following systems preferred (though not required):

    • Drupal
    • Trello
    • Slack
    • Submittable

    You should also:

    • Have previous experience writing and editing for a publication (2 years preferred but not necessary)
    • Feel comfortable managing other editors and leading a team
    • Have a clear vision for the stories you'd like to publish and for your vertical in the long run
    • Have strong editorial skills -- you aren't afraid to make big changes to a story and working closely with a writer to hone a piece through several drafts
    • Be good with deadlines but can also be flexible when things change
    • Have a good eye for details
    • Have a passion for telling Asian American stories
    • Have the ability to dream big and think creatively -- but also be able to execute 
    • Be a self-starter
    How to Apply: 

    To apply for any of the above positions, please email getinvolved [at] with a letter of reference, a CV, and a clip packet with at least three articles related to the editorial position you are most interested in).