Issue 27: Sex - Summer 2013


A Sacramento school learns the value of Hmong language immersion

Momo Chang - June 19, 2013
  • Asian women command a high price for egg donation, but is it worth the risk?


Sex Nerd Sandra wants to school you in the bedroom

Michele Carlson - June 19, 2013

Online Exclusive

Oakland’s Southeast Asian and Chinese American youth raise awareness about sex and sexuality

Alec MacDonald - June 27, 2013


Artist and writer MariNaomi spills on her sexual past

Cathlin Goulding - June 20, 2013
  • A photographer makes it her mission to bring trans and queer Asian women into visibility
  • Artist Taravat Talepasand confronts the Iranian female body within a political landscape

First Person

How a mother and her transgender son journeyed to love and acceptance

Marsha Aizumi - June 20, 2013


A look at the Japanese underground music scene in Brooklyn

Andrew Rusli - June 19, 2013

Poetry and Fiction

Poetry by Matthew Olzmann

Matthew Olzmann - June 20, 2013


Yellow fever debate spreads as indie documentary leads to web series spin-off

Nicole Wong - June 19, 2013


Changing perceptions about Asian American sexuality, one dildo at a time

Anne Phabmixay - June 20, 2013