Can't Stop, Won't Stop

October 21, 2004

This week Chang also has an article in the SF Bay Guardian about Jin and his long-awaited debut album The Rest is History. After reading about Jin's rise to Ruff Ryders notoriety, I ended up even more confused about the whole Jin matter. In a twist of (not so ironic) irony, earlier this year I programmed Jin's video for "Learn Chinese" in the music video portion of Directions In Sound, much to the chagrin of Oliver Wang (who didn't hesitate to give me his two cents on why I should have excluded it).

In a few hours I will be flying down to San Diego for a long weekend. In addition to drinking cheap tequila in Tijuana with my cousins, I will be attending the San Diego Asian Film Foundation's film festival. I am primarily going to check out music videos and the Producing Music Videos panel discussion. No, Jin will not be there to teach everyone Chinese -- but Dino Ignacio will formally introduce you to Ana Manananggal.

Although I've seen (and programmed [in my own music video programs]) many of the music videos that are screening at SDAFF this year, I am excited to see Dino's "Bad Thoughts" (by The Skyflakes) on the big screen again. (Dino is one of my most favorite people to sing karaoke with. Have you seen his animation Maritess vs. The Superfriends?) I am also anxious to hear what Patricio Ginelsa (director of "The APL Song" by Black Eyed Peas, and the feature-length film Lumpia) and Evan Leong (director of Lyrics Born's "Last Trumpet" and the documentary BLT: Genesis) have to say about their current and future projects.

Look out, San Diego-ans! Come find me at SDAFF (or across the border) if you want a free copy of Hyphen! (I am only bringing 50 copies.) If I'm not flashing my badge to watch free movies, I'll be sitting at some table next to my friend James Hou, director of Masters of the Pillow, trying to make new Hyphen friends. Just think, you could go home with porn in one hand and Hyphen in the other!

P.S. - Oliver (that's right, calling you out), I'm still waiting for you to sign my copy of Classic Material. I'll trade you adobo for an autograph, if that's any incentive.




Damn. This blog hasn't even been up 2 weeks and we've mentioned Mr. Oliver Wang TWICE. He's a subscriber--just another reason to love him.
Oh no, we can't commit O2 -- Oliver Overexposure.But I still want him to sign my book. And while I'm at it, somebody took my copy of his mix-CD Mixtification. That's my favorite mix-CD.
I can sign his name for you. We're like the same person...right? And I wrote the Slick Rick and Ice-T pieces for the book. I don't want to sign it, might bring down the resale value.
So this is why my ears have been burning.I tried to dis Jin's video from DiS? Word? Damn, what the hell was I thinking? I take it all back.And I'll sign your book anytime, adobo or not.
Yay for me!All the O-Dub worshippers will want to buy it off me, but hell-friggin'-no!
Daisy Jade, a fillipino star will be appearing in this new movie gonna be great. Here somethig for Asian Hip Hoppers.
Hip Hop moves with traditional step moves, looks interesting
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