Half Japanese Girls, Unite

October 22, 2004

From using his celebrity to bonk Asian girls, to documenting his relationship preferences and frustrations on the record (“Across the Sea,” “El Scorcho”), Rivers’ Edge paints Cuomo as a magically talented character obsessed with music and Asian chicks.

During one of the more juicy passages, Weezer was on tour in Japan. 15 girls were in Cuomo’s hotel room but he didn’t have the game to say what he wanted. So he blurted something like “If you’re going to stay here, you have to take your clothes off. Everyone else has to leave.” Four stayed behind and much exploitation was had by all (he for race, them for rock star). Another time, while Cuomo was attending Harvard, he was at a club with his girlfriend (who looked thirteen) and the Mighty Mighty Bosstones’ Dickey Barrett saw him and “busted his balls.” There’s a bunch of other little episodes in the book, confirmed by band members, painting Cuomo as a rampaging luster.

I, too, busted Cuomo on this matter eight years ago when Pinkerton was released. I like Pinkerton as much as the next closet indie nerd but to know that Cuomo banked my cash to fund his Hot Asian Girl habit is a little disconcerting. Maybe he can get with Tania Wang for some advanced game?




cuomo's asian fetishism is blatantly creepy for sure... i remember when pinkerton came out and being so torn between the pop catchiness and mister harvard's smarmily puke-inducing lyrics. wasn't "el scorcho" the one about cho-cho san and how the naive asian girl is hott because she doesn't even know who green day is? blecch... but what a catchy tune.
he likes all the women, but it draws attention just because it's asian girls.how stupid wouldnt it sound if he sang about how much he loves caucasian girls? see, noone cares. It's just because he loves us Asian girls that people do care.
yeah, too bad for all the non-asian chick rivers lovers. gotta love weezer still tho.