More Election Stuff (You Know You Love It)

November 1, 2004

Filmmaker & comic book writer Greg Pak has put together a new website encouraging Asian Americans in Hawaii to go to the polls for Kerry. The race is tied in Hawaii. Since Hawaii is the only state with an API majority, APIs have a real chance at swinging this state!

I don't know about you, but tomorrow I'll be sitting on the couch and biting my nails while I watch the returns. This stuff is nervewracking.


Melissa Hung

Founding Editor

Melissa Hung is the founding editor of Hyphen. She was the editor in chief for the magazine's first five years and went on to serve in many other leadership roles on the staff and board for more than a decade. She is a writer and freelance journalist. Her essays and reported stories have appeared in NPR, Vogue, Pacific Standard, Longreads, and Catapult, among others. She grew up in Texas, the eldest child of immigrants. Find her on Twitter and Instagram.



Hey, Melissa. Thanks a ton for the plug! We won Hawaii, at least, by nine points, so many, many thanks to everyone who helped get out the vote. And I'm keeping going as a political blog from an Asian American angle -- feel free to come on by!