Happy Diwali and Ramadan

November 12, 2004

So, I was in Florida last week on election day taking some of the thousands of unrecieved absentee ballots to old folks who were too old/sick to leave their homes to go vote. While it was amazing to stand next to an old lady who could barely breathe and help her make sure her vote got heard -- it was even more crushing when Florida went to Bush. Plus, I'm from Ohio and seeing how it all came down to my home state made me want to go back there and run for office. (Speaking of Ohio, check out what the Republicans tried to do to my Uncle -- who is currently in Iraq.) Well, kindof, for a few minutes anyway. Seeing the division of the country did make me realize how important it is for there to be more organizers/educators/progressive folks making change in Middle America though.

Anyway, in South Asian sexuality news: I was in Houston a couple of weekends ago promoting the anthology Desilicious, a collection of writing about sexuality by South Asians -- which Hyphen covered back in Issue 1 or 2. It was really inspiring to getogether with a bunch of young South Asians from different backgrounds and professions and talk about issues of sexuality. More of that needs to happen.

Anyway, in ending I’d just like to wish Happy Diwali and Happy End-of Ramadan to everyone. So enjoy lighting fireworks and feasting!

I heard in my yoga class today that this time of year we are most emotionally vulnerable, so everyone should do something nourishing like having a dinner party where everyone shares their art or taking a hot bath with candles. It does wonders.