Egg Raid on Hyphen

December 3, 2004

Top with shoyu. Mash the egg. So good. I've eaten this while watching Iron Chef and didn't feel like I was missing anything. So next time a Hyphen staffer brings up KRaS in your company, rap a knuckle on their forehead and say, “Egg! Egg! Don’t forget the egg!”




it HAS to have the egg. 20 years ago, the only korean place in portland, oregon, the wonderful owner made it that way and every time i make it, it is one, maybe two eggs on top. adds a delicious flavor to the mix...
I agree, the egg is missing. Filipinos call spam & egg over rice (sans kimchi, because there's no Korean influence on Filipino cuisine) "spamsilog." There's lots of "silog" breakfasts for that matte: "longsilog" (longanisa sausage and egg over rice), "tapsilog" (beef tapa and egg over rice), "tosilog" (tocino with egg over rice), etc. The "silog" part of the word means with egg and rice, because "sinangag" is garlic-fried rice and "itlog" is egg.Making me hungry now.