Don't Tip at Victoria's Secret

December 30, 2004

Despite my being sick or they're coming down with something, my cousins and I will attempt to bring in the New Year in Las Vegas. We check into our hotel this afternoon, matter of fact. I hope my cousin Camille (who is visiting from Australia) has fun. She's been having quite an experience in the States, learning etiquette, customs, driving on the "wrong" side of the street with her international driver's license, and soaking in the horrible radio music.

My cousins and I took Camille to the Gaslamp District the other evening. Camille bought a round of drinks and didn't tip the bartender (she didn't know about tipping). When we tried to get another round of drinks later in the evening, the bartender ignored us and Camille felt horribly about the faux pas. The other night my cousins and I took Camille to the mall to buy things at Victoria's Secret (they don't have Victoria's Secret in Australia) and Camille asked me, "Ate (pronounced "ah-teh," it means "big sister"), do I have to tip at Victoria's Secret?"

I don't know why, but I thought that was the cutest, most innocent thing I'd heard in the longest time. The image that came to mind was like, "Dolla-dolla bill, y'all!"

But I digress.

One thing that I find really interesting about my cousin Camille is that she "seems" less corrupt(ed) than me or our other cousins. Taking into account "The Tipping Incident" and some of the things she says/does, it makes me wonder if Australia is "backward" (even though I don't like to use the word "backward"). I suppose the right word to use would be more "naive," yeah?




Hey guys! You know what I think? I think that all written here is bullshit, real lie. They are making us believe it’s true, they are trying to express it like it was in reality. Don’t believe it if you are not insane! There’s nothing special in this site, they just express regular news with unusual words. They can make something shocking out of anything! Don’t trust them!
if you think us aussie's are backward you need to meet a pom lol
Well we don't tip in Australia because people who work in the service industry here earn enough money to not need to depend on tips like they do in America.
ahh. no. aussies are not niave.
No. It's just that in Australia and New Zealand, we are generally smart enough to stay away from the whole tipping thing. I mean, come on, the idea is ridiculous.
glad u are having a good time despite being sick over the holidays! ur cousin camille sounds like a riot...though her naivete isn't quite as reflective of other aussies i've met. i ran into quite a few when i was in europe. they do appear to be a little crazy (in a good way), love to travel, and are probably the most down to earth/friendliest people i've met. as for tonite...i'm headed into manhattan...happy new year!
Have you seen the latest Victoria's secret collection featuring Kim Smith?
Yeah, it's like the last poster said. We have a completely different system here when it comes to people in the service industry. You can still tip at a fancy restaurent, if you want, but tipping in general isn't something that we do. So it's not naive or "backward", for heaven's sake... just different to what happens in the US. I think if people in the US travelled more, they'd get a surprised about how differently things are done elsewhere in the world.
no. aussie's are cool:)