Oh So Cool

December 7, 2004

7. She won the Fipa D'Or for Best Actress at Cannes for her starring role as Evelyn Lau, in The Diary of Evelyn Lau.

6. She's Canadian. Something most of us can only aspire to.

5. She's pretty, but not so pretty she doesn't have to be talented, too.

4. She's never played a silent kung-fu ninja dragon lady who throttles her opponents with her inner thighs.

3. She once said, "If there's another @#$% movie or TV show about New York where everyone is white, I'm going to @#$*&ing die. That is so unacceptable."

2. Producers for the HBO series Arli$$ created the role of Rita Wu for her, since the original character was white. Way to get more Asian faces out there!

1. She's in four, count them, four independent films due out next year: Cake, an Untitled Post-9/11 Cab Drama, 3 Needles, and Hard Candy.

So maybe Sandra Oh is not everywhere, but she will be soon. Mark my word.