Daly City vs San Diego

January 7, 2005

The other evening my friend Richie picked me up so we could get some late-night boba in Claremont (an area North of where I'm staying, where there are tons of Asian businesses and car dealerships). We never made it to get boba because our car blew a tire; we had to settle for greasy Denny's. But on the way to Claremont Richie was telling me how Claremont could be San Diego's "Little Saigon," but all the car dealerships prevent more Asians from opening up businesses, in a sense blacklisting them from expansion. It made me realize that there must be a great story behind why the farther south you go in San Diego county, the more Filipinos you see. I know there's more to it than that all these Filipinos are military families.

If anybody knows their San Diego Asian American history, or of a place to do some k-box karaoke, drop me a line!