Radio DJ Makes Racist Remarks

January 7, 2005

Why are radio DJs always doing dumb racist things on air? This incident took place on Power 99 RM in Philly. Let me guess, they're going to say it was just a joke and hey, don't you Asians have a sense of humor?


Melissa Hung

Founding Editor

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The last news I read about racist RJs was that they were suspended for A DAY!!sheesh!!! for all that we know it might have been one of his vacation days..anyways..all I can do is hope and pray that Clear Channel communications goes out of business
Clear Channel is pretty much setting the standard for broadcast quality and journalistic 'integrity'. They are the same bunch that sacked Howard Stern (not that i am a fan of his) NOT for his usually insulting, sophomoric, bathroom humor which they 'tolerated' for years despite numerous complaints but because he criticized Bush's policies in Iraq. I suppose if you really want the two morons that did the faux 'call center' skit (feel free to substitute another letter in there - might I suggest 'h'?) feed them some lines against the current administration. That'll get 'em yanked. Vote with your tuner button - switch to NPR or Pacifica. Do like Nancy - just say 'NO'! (but only on that point!!!)