From my Weekend Reading: Being Outed & Geishas

December 5, 2005

  • And, guess what I found in my Sunday Times? Geishas, of course. The "Murmurings of a Geisha" photos by Deborah Turbeville have this subhead: "Japanese women are rediscovering the beauty of a tradition." (Scroll down for the link.) You just can't turn around these days without someone "being inspired" by geishas, from Banana Republic to the New York Times. I can't wait for that movie to be over already.
  • Speaking of movies, the Hollywood Reporter says that a sequel to National Lampoon's Van Wilder is in the works. Van Wilder II: The Rise of Taj, will star Kal Penn (aka Kumar in Harold and Kumar) I love Kal Penn. I think he's great and I think it's great he's going to be in a starring role, but um, why? Do we really need a sequel? Someone's counting their DVD sales before they've hatched...
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    From the NYTimes piece (second to last photo in online series): The casting of the film "Memoirs of a Geisha," which stars the Chinese actresses Ziyi Zhang and Li Gong, has caused a stir in Japan - particularly among the geisha community. "There is no way anyone outside of Japan can put across Japanese culture, let alone the sensibility of the geisha," Memeryo insists. "It is a world unto itself."
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